Health Works Institute announces the following teaching opportunities in our massage therapy program.

Instructor — Professional Development

This course prepares students to make a successful transition from student to professional practitioner. Content includes ethical principles and practices, creation of a formal business plan for establishing and maintaining a private practice, strategies for obtaining employment and being an outstanding employee, and guidance in how to conduct oneself with a high level of professionalism. 59 clock hours.

Instructor — Theory of Asian Medicine and Practice of Asian Bodywork

This course presents an introduction to the concepts and principles of Asian medicine, and demonstration and practice of a variety of hands-on techniques (Shiatsu, Tui-Na, Thai Massage, Acupressure, etc.) that are based on Asian medical theory. 6o clock hours.

Instructor Trainee — Multi-dimensional Touch

This is a fabulous opportunity to learn from an outstanding massage therapy educator and prepare to teach a very special course in our program. Holadia assisted Health Works instructors many years ago in developing Multi-dimensional Touch, she taught a similar course at the Boulder College of Massage Therapy for several years, and she has been practicing massage therapy for 30 years. The 60-hour course focuses on the integration of the physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions of massage therapy, as well as the potential for intuition and energy awareness to deepen the client’s awareness on all levels. Holadia will be teaching the course this summer. The Instructor Trainee will observe classes and receive guidance from Holadia in how to create a space in which students open their minds and hearts to the content of the course and achieve the course’s unique learning objectives.


Health Works Institute is serious about our commitment to high standards of education and practice. We walk our talk by cultivating a learning and working environment characterized by kindness, respect and encouragement. Our students benefit tremendously from the passion, skills and knowledge that our instructors bring to the classroom. We provide training in instructional methods, supporting our teachers in becoming outstanding educators who are helping to shape the future of the profession of massage therapy. In response to growth in our enrollment, we have recently moved to a bigger, brighter facility. Now is a great time to join our faculty!

For details about the above-listed positions, please contact Ruth Marion via our contact page.

Health Works Institute
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