As the owner and director of Health Works Institute, it is my pleasure to witness the tremendous personal and professional growth that our students achieve as they move through our program. On graduation day, I have tears in my eyes as I share in the celebration of all that our students achieve in the full year that they are with us. I am always so inspired and moved, imagining all of the thousands and thousands of clients that will benefit from the caring, competent therapy that our graduates will provide.

Yes, I believe deeply in the quality and importance of all that we do at Health Works Institute. I believe that every day, we are achieving our mission to enhance the physical, emotional and spiritual health of individuals and society. These individuals include our students, the clients of our Student Clinic, our wonderful instructors, and our fabulous administrative staff. And I believe that there is a ripple effect on society that is generated by knowledgeable, highly skilled, compassionate massage therapists. The massage therapy pebbles dropped into the pond of life create ripples of tranquility, relief from physical discomfort and emotional pain, patience, acceptance, and a life-changing overall sense of wellbeing.

When my beliefs are affirmed by what our students tell me about how much they have benefited from the program, my heart is full.

I’d like to share with you a portion of the speech that Lena Schiffer, one of our 2013 graduates, made at the graduation ceremony for her class.

“Our teacher Diane mentioned to us in class just this past Wednesday that many people are unaware of exactly what goes into becoming a massage therapist…All of these classes seem understandable when looking at their titles on paper, but none of us knew how much they would challenge us mentally, spiritually and emotionally…we have all become healers. As with roller coaster rides, in order to have an up, you have to have a down. We all had at least one moment during this year when we felt like we weren’t tall enough to get on this ride…But we all got through the downs because we had support from each other and from our teachers…every one of us has played a vital role in getting us to where we are now. We have worked with incredibly knowledgeable and supportive teachers who have guided us through this process with heartfelt intention and a desire to share the massage therapy profession with us. They have used creative stick figure drawings, stand-up comedy, clay figures, field trips, art projects, overhead projections, food analogies and hands-on demonstrations to convey their knowledge to us in a way we understood…I know we will all be able to go out into the working world with confidence in our knowledge of this career.”

It is possible to have work that you love. The first step is to take an in-depth, comprehensive program that prepares you for long-term success. Choose massage therapy, and choose Health Works Institute. We are waiting to meet you. Contact us, and we’ll guide you on each step toward your graduation day.

Health Works Institute
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