Many individuals in the massage world, students and professionals alike, were disappointed when the Boulder College of Massage Therapy (BCMT) closed its doors last fall, after 38 successful years. Their in-depth curriculum produced some of the industry’s most competent graduates. That is why when former BCMT Director, Ruth Marion, opened Health Works Institute in Bozeman, Montana, she modeled the school’s curriculum after BCMT’s wonderful program. Marion was the Director of BCMT for ten years before moving to Bozeman in 1999. Health Works was founded in 2000, and the school has been providing quality education to massage therapy students for 15 years.

Marion chose to model the curriculum at Health Works Institute after the Boulder College of Massage Therapy’s program, because she saw a serious need for practitioners with the skills and knowledge to completely fulfill the expectations of clients and employers for effective treatments. “The essential components of an excellent curriculum include a strong foundation in human sciences, lengthy course hours in every hands-on course, emphasis on both personal and professional development, and individualized, specific guidance for business success as an employee or as the owner of a private practice,“ Marion states.

The faculty and staff at Health Works Institute have extensive knowledge in their field of study. Students learn from massage therapists with many years of experience with thousands of clients. Students also benefit from the extensive knowledge of naturopathic and chiropractic physicians, professional counselors, and business professionals who have achieved financial and personal success. To graduate from Health Works Institute with a diploma in massage therapy, students are required to complete 1,000 hours of education, which was the length of BCMT’s program. “Our students graduate feeling comfortable and confident in their profession,” says Marion. “They have a tool kit of knowledge and skills for long-term success and job satisfaction as an outstanding massage therapist.”

Since 2007, Health Works Institute has also been offering an excellent program in esthetics (skin care).


Health Works Institute
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