One of the most frequent comments massage therapists make about their occupation is, “I feel so fortunate to have found work that I love!” As a massage therapist, you will help people feel better, one client at a time. Your work environment will be serene, beautiful, and healthy for both you and your client. You will enjoy unlimited opportunities to promote wellness in a caring way, leaving you with a deep sense of having made a meaningful difference in the lives of those you touch.

You will enjoy flexibility in your work hours, independence, and a wide range of practice locations, such as:

  • private or shared massage offices
  • home-based offices
  • medical spas
  • day spas
  • hotel spas
  • destination resort spas
  • spas on cruise ships
  • spas at guest ranches
  • physicians’ offices and clinics
  • physical therapists’ offices
  • hospice centers
  • franchise massage businesses
  • hospitals and nursing homes
  • clients’ homes
  • chiropractic offices
  • corporate wellness centers
  • health clubs and fitness centers
  • amateur and professional sports teams

Also, as your professional life evolves over time, you will take continuing education that is focused on approaches to massage therapy and bodywork technique in which you are interested, and you will select different types of clients to work with. For example, you may find that you particularly enjoy offering pain relief for teenage football players, or you may become fascinated with the acceleration of the healing process that lymphatic massage provides in the post-surgery recovery process. Or, you may be drawn to working in a wellness resort that offers nutrition counseling and cooking classes as well as massage and other body therapies. Whatever your choices, your work as a massage therapist holds great potential for long-term job satisfaction. 


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