Within the field of esthetics, there is a trend toward ‘holistic” treatments and products. The word holistic means emphasizing the importance of the whole and the interdependence of its parts. A whole person consists of the mind, body, and spirit/soul/essence. To understand a person from a holistic perspective, one might consider the person’s diet, sleep habits, stress level, work and home environments, leisure-time activities and current endeavors. Holistic medicine is associated with treatments and remedies that are natural, safe, and health-giving.

Estheticians and skin care businesses that identify themselves as holistic often focus on:

  • educating clients about the effects of diet, rest, exercise and other lifestyle choices on the health of the skin;
  • encouraging clients to allow themselves to deeply relax during treatments, so that the sessions will have positive effects on the body, mind and spirit
  • bringing clients’ attention to the improvement in the quality of their life that accompanies a significant reduction in their stress levels;
  • selecting products that contain natural and/or organic ingredients and that do not contain substances that have been documented to be carcinogenic or otherwise harmful to the skin and/or other organs of the body
  • minimizing the use of aggressive treatments and invasive procedures.

The number of natural and/or organic products available to estheticians has increased tremendously over the past decade, and this continues to be one of the fastest-growing trends in product manufacturing. Clients and estheticians are using more and more products that contain primarily food-based ingredients like green tea extract; oils made from rosehips and a variety of seeds; and numerous substances derived from flowers and other plants. There are now eyelash and eyebrow tints made from vegetable pigments, and many products used for body wraps and body, shea butter and cocoa butter.

The mission of Health Works Institute is to enhance the physical, emotional and spiritual health of individuals and society, and our Esthetics Program reflects our commitment to a holistic approach to health and life. Our students are trained to help their clients make positive choices about all aspects of their health. In the Personal Development course, students develop self-awareness and learn skills for enhancing their own physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. This allows students to serve as models for their clients – not models of perfect health, but models of always seeking opportunities for achieving personal growth and striving toward one’s optimum level of holistic health. Students learn to advise clients on strategies for achieving a balance in their lives by managing stress, eating nutritious food, exercising, and choosing products that promote healthy skin from the inside out. The Chemistry course presents research results from studies on a wide that produce results and contain a minimum amount of synthetic ingredients, and students experiment with making products only from foods.

Graduates of our program are knowledgeable, skilled and confident in holistic skin care, and this gives them a competitive advantage for job opportunities. Our graduates work in spas, medical settings, and their own private practices, bringing the benefits of natural, health-giving treatments and products to clients who appreciate their esthetician’s expertise and skills. For more information on the esthetics program at Health Works Institute, click here.

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