The final step in Health Works’ admissions process is the interview with the director, Ruth Marion. The interview tends to stir some nerves, which is fair. I mean, it is the final step that decides whether you get accepted or not. Big deal, right? Well, it is my goal that after going through my tips, you will feel as if the interview is not that big of a deal.

1. Prepare

The easiest way to prepare for the interview is to go over your catalog. First, make sure that your catalog is up to date. If you received one six months prior to your interview, you will need to request a new catalog to be sure all of your information is up to date. It is very important that you understand every aspect of what you are signing up for. You should be familiar with the fact that we accept both male and female students into both programs. That means that there is a chance that you will be in contact with a member of the opposite sex, whether it be via massage practice or skin care treatments. You should also be familiar with our student code of conduct and be prepared to follow it. This can be found at the end of each catalog. Another item in the catalog worth brushing up on is the type of classes you will be taking. Swedish Massage and Facials are classes that are easy to get excited about, but be aware that they will go hand in hand with classes such as Anatomy and Physiology.

2. Dress for Success

When deciding what outfit to wear for the interview, keep in mind that it is always better to overdress than to underdress. Take a job interview, for example. Think back to the last one you had and try to match the formality to that. You obviously don’t need to show up in a suit and tie, but please leave the sweatpants at home. Also, be sure you are on time. If you have something come up or are going to be late, call us! You can always reschedule.

3. Finances

Yes, the subject that no one enjoys talking about, finances. One of your admissions steps is to get in contact with our financial coordinator, Alexa Freeburg. Alexa is a very sweet lady who can help you with anything from FAFSA questions to telling you about your different loan options. It is highly recommended that you speak with Alexa before your interview. If you don’t have a plan yet, don’t worry, Alexa can help you make one. Speaking with Alexa and setting a financial plan will put you a step up from your competition. During the interview, you will go over how you plan on paying for the program. It will help your nerves and your chances of being accepted if you already have a plan in place.

4. Passion

Why do you want to become a massage therapist or esthetician? Here at Health Works, we have classes full of ambitious people who want to help others. That is their drive. Ruth, the director, loves to hear about what your passion is. Do you want to help people feel better and relieve stress through massage? Do you want to show the world that everyone can be beautiful, on the inside and out? Be prepared to be asked why you are interested in attending Health Works Institute. Show us your business plan, tell us about your dreams, and let us help you make them a reality.

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