Depending on the length of the Massage Therapy program you choose, you could be spending anywhere from eight to fifteen months in a brand-new city. You want to make sure you are enjoying that time, while in massage school and outside of it. Health Works Institute is located in Bozeman, Montana. We believe that if you’re going to move anywhere for massage school, you should move here.

If you’re searching for a massage school in Billings, Montana, you can look forward to plenty of fishing, hiking and camping. That’s great, but the Bozeman area is super close to three mountain ranges. Within 30 minutes, a fan of the outdoors can be at one of the many ski hills, in a world-class fly-fishing stream, scaling rock faces in any number of popular climbing areas, or taking a peaceful hike deep into a serene wilderness area.

In so many ways, Bozeman retains the feel of a small, welcoming community. As a much larger city, Billings has twice the rate of violent crime than Bozeman has. Bozeman has a bus system that is totally free, and there are bike racks everywhere, an indication of the preference of many residents to opt out of driving their cars every day.

Not only does Health Works Institute reside in a wonderful location, we also have more than the minimum required hours, financial aid, and we are accredited.

Educational Hours

One of the most important aspects to think about while choosing a massage therapy school is the number of educational hours provided. In the state of Montana, you must receive a minimum of 500 hours to be eligible to receive your license. As for the rest of the country, the education requirements are as follows: 29 states require 500 to 599 hours; 10 states require 600 to 699 hours; 4 states require 750 hours; and two states (New York and Nebraska) and Puerto Rico require 1,000 hours. Our massage therapy school, Health Works Institute exceeds the minimum requirement and provides 750 educational hours. The reasoning behind this is because we believe that many graduates of shorter programs quickly discover that they need more knowledge and skills to fulfill the expectations of their clients and employers. This leads these graduates to spend a significant amount of money on continuing education soon after they graduate. There is no financial aid available for continuing education, and the cost per classroom hour of continuing education is much higher than the cost per hour of basic massage therapy education. While we encourage our graduates to take continuing education on a regular basis throughout their careers, we are happy knowing that, as of their graduation day, they are fully ready to meet the expectations of their employers and clients.

Financial Aid and Accreditation

Speaking of finances, federal financial aid is a huge part of the decision process when finding the right massage school for you. Financial aid is money given or loaned to you by the government in the form of grants, scholarships, and student loans. What you are eligible for is determined by the cost of the school and what your expected family contribution is. You find out what you are eligible for after completing the FAFSA. One other important aspect involved is that you must attend a school that has been approved to administer federal financial aid.

For a school to be approved, they must be nationally accredited. Accreditation is basically just a stamp of approval from the government. A school must follow specific educational requirements to receive accreditation. This means that the government will not just hand out financial aid to any school that needs it. They will only allow the schools that meet their standards to administer financial aid to their students.
Health Works Institute is proud to say that we are approved by the U.S. Department of Education to administer Title IV federal financial aid programs, including Pell Grants, Direct Loans and the Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS). This means that, yes, we are nationally accredited!


While searching for a massage school in Billings or Bozeman, Montana, remember you will be living in your chosen town for about a year. It is important to love your surroundings! When looking at different schools, keep financial aid and accreditation in mind, but also ask about class sizes and schedules. If you are interested in the massage therapy program provided by Health Works Institute, please visit the information page on our website, or request a catalog here. You can also contact our admissions coordinator, Megan Eoodman, with any questions or concerns you might have by calling (406)582-1555 ext. 12 or emailing her at

Health Works Institute
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