esthetician doing brow tintDo you love keeping up on skincare and makeup trends? Fascinated by the science behind new skincare products? A hands-on learner?

If so, you’re halfway to deciding you’d love to become a licensed esthetician.

If you need more proof that you’d enjoy becoming a skincare professional, here it is: National surveys reveal that estheticians have one of the highest job satisfaction rates in the U.S., according to Renee Rouleau, a celebrity esthetician who developed her own line of skin care products.

So is this the perfect career for you?

Read on for our top four signs that you have the personality to become an esthetician.

Sign #1: You’re a people person

Being an esthetician lets you interact – and build relationships – with all kinds of people. An interesting array of clients means you’ll always be challenged, and never bored.

“Estheticians have a natural knack for engaging with others. Whether it’s brightening someone’s day by giving them a facial, or lifting a burden from their shoulders by giving a much-needed massage, estheticians are good at helping other people,” says licensed esthetician Lydia Sarfati, CEO and founder of Repechage salons and natural skincare products.

Sign #2: You crave flexible work schedules.

Whether you want a full-time or part-time career, as a licensed esthetician, you’ll get to choose! You may choose to be the boss, to have regular hours in someone else’s salon, put in 10-hour weekdays or work only evenings or weekends. It’s up to you!

Estheticians can start a family, relocate or go back to school, and change their work schedule right along with their life circumstances, says Ruth Marion, founder and director of Health Works Institute in Bozeman, Mont.

“Your journey in the profession can change from year to year as you pursue your interests. You can fulfill your desire for travel or focus on building a loyal clientele in your hometown,” Marion says.

Sign #3: You love helping others look and feel great.

We all feel better when we know we look better.

As an esthetician, you’ll get to feel great every day when you thrill your clients with your skincare expertise. The satisfaction you’ll experience by helping people look and feel great will be a huge career motivator, says Health Works Institute director Ruth Marion.

Sign #4: You love adventure and want plenty of job options.

Do you yearn to travel? Does working with celebrities intrigue you? Those are definitely options for someone with an esthetician’s license.

Upscale salons, spas, resorts and cruise ships hire estheticians. So do celebrities. If you have a passion for being the boss and charting your own course, you’ll always have the option of starting your own business – in your own hometown or somewhere you’ve always dreamed of living.

Other career moves for estheticians include:

  • Cosmetics/skincare product buyer for a retailer
  • Makeup artist at a local salon or in the entertainment industry
  • Writer about skincare products for magazines
  • Instructor at an esthetics school
  • Blogger for the skincare industry
  • Skincare professional at a dermatology or cosmetic surgery clinic

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