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Licensing & Job Placement


The practice of esthetics is regulated in Montana by the State Board Barbers and Cosmetologist. The requirements for licensure include 650 hours of education (the Health Works program is 900 hours), as well as passing a written test and a hands-on (“practical”) test. There are other requirements for licensure, including being at least 18 years old and having a high school diploma or the equivalent. Specific details are provided to students in the Business course and may be obtained on the internet at Forty-one states and Washington D.C. have separate licenses for estheticians; the remainder of the states regulate esthetics as part of cosmetology. There are 9 states that require 250 to 450 hours; 25 states that require 600 to 650 hours; and 7 states that require 700 to 750 hours. Alabama and Virginia both require 1,500 hours. Related information is avaliable on the website of Associated Skin Care Professionals (

Job Placement

The Esthetics Program and the Massage Therapy Program both include an in-depth Professional Development course that provides each student with guidance for achieving the goals that she/he has identified for their entry into their selected profession.

If the student’s immediate goal is to obtain a job as an employee, the student is required to identify the employers for whom they would like to work, arrange to be interviewed by the employer, and continue this process until the student has received a job offer that she/he is ready to accept. These steps will be taken whether the employer is local or in another city or state.

If the immediate goal is to establish a home-based private practice, the student must prepare an appropriate space in their home where they will conduct their private practice, purchase equipment and supplies, and take other steps to establish their practice.

If the immediate goal is to establish a private practice or a related business (e.g. day spa) in a rented commercial space, the student is required to select the location, negotiate a lease, and take other steps to establish their practice. These steps will be taken regardless of the student’s intention to work in our area or move to another city or state.

Over the course of their long-term careers, many estheticians and massage therapists engage in both private practice and employment. Therefore, all students are required to create both an Employment Plan and a Business Plan.

The Institute regularly surveys graduates and gathers names of employers from completed survey forms. The Institute also surveys employers and regularly updates information regarding the kind of job opening that usually occurs at the various locations. Employers occasionally call the Institute, seeking qualified practitioners. Information on current job openings is posted on bulletin boards at the Institute, and email messages are sent to all graduates. A list of current and past employers is kept in a binder notebook in the library.  Graduates of the Institute and other local practitioners are invited to place notices on the Institute’s bulletin board regarding job openings and office rentals.

We are dedicated to providing our graduates with employment recourses to ensure their post-education success. Please visit our Job Opportunities page to see current listings.

Accreditation & Licensure

The massage therapy and esthetics programs at Health Works Institute are accredited by the Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation (COMTA), an agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

The esthetics program is licensed by the Montana Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists.


The school is approved by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to accept non-immigrant students under the Student and Exchange Visitor Program.

Students who are veterans or their eligible dependents may use the educational assistance programs administered by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. The school is also approved for the MyCAA Program, which provides assistance to spouses of active duty military personnel.

The school is also an approved training provider for the Workforce Investment Act, which is administered by the local Job Service office, and for various education assistance programs administered by Vocational Rehabilitation offices.

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