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Program Costs and Payment Options

Payment Options

1. Payment in Full Tuition, fees and expenses related to books, supplies and equipment may be paid in their entirety by the end of the first week of classes, and no interest will be charged by the school. Other costs of attendance, including textbooks and administrative fees, are due as soon as they are incurred, and you may pay these costs directly to any member of the adminstrative staff. Any amounts that are not paid will be billed to you, and an invoice will be mailed to you on the 1st of the month. The invoiced amount is due no later than the 15th of the month to avoid late charges.

2. Federal Financial Aid Health Works Institute is approved by the U.S. Department of Education to administer Title IV federal financial aid programs, including Pell Grants, Direct Loans and the Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS). If you are interested in applying for federal financial aid, please request a FAFSA worksheet. The amount of financial aid available to students varies according to which program the student chooses to take. Because the massage therapy program is significantly longer than the esthetics program, the maximum amount of aid for massage therapy program students is more than the maximum amount for esthetics program students. For more information click here.

3. Military Veterans’ Educational Assistance The Institute’s massage therapy and esthetics programs are approved for the training of veterans and other persons eligible for veterans’ benefits, and the Institute is approved for the MyCAA program for spouses of active duty military personnel. Applicants who believe they may be eligible for these benefits are encouraged to visit this website: If the information you read on the site indicates that you are eligible, you must follow the instructions on the site to apply for benefits.

4. Vocational Rehabilitation Training Assistance. Applicants who may be eligible for vocational rehabilitation assistance may contact the Vocational Rehabilitation office in their state. Health Works Institute will provide the office with any required information and documentation.

5. Programs Administered by Job Service Offices Many states, including Montana, administer various tuition assistance programs for displaced workers and people whose situations give them eligibility for a particular program. For example, the state of Montana administers the Workforce Investment Act program through local Job Service offices, and Health Works Institute is an approved provider of training under the WIA. Applicants who may qualify for this program, and/or other similar programs, are encouraged to contact their local Job Service office. Health Works Institute will provide the office with any required information and documentation.

6. Tribal Education Assistance Programs Many Native American Tribes provide grants or scholarships to qualified applicants. Native Americans are encouraged to contact their Tribal Council for details.

7. Payment Plans Administered by Health Works Institute The school offers payment plans that allow you to spread your payments over the time during which you are enrolled in the program. The plans vary according to the student’s ability to pay and typically require a deposit followed by monthly payments. Interest is charged, and students are informed of the current rate upon request and when they meet with the school’s Financial Manager to negotiate the payment plan. For students on a Health Works payment plan, costs not included in the plan are billed when they are incurred. Invoices for monthly tuition payments and charges for costs beyond tuition are mailed on the first of each month and must be paid in full by the 15th of the month to avoid late charges. In accordance with federal truth in lending laws, payment plan documents provide specific details regarding the total cost of interest, consequences of non-payment, etc.

8. Community Organizations Many service organizations, such as Business and Professional Women, Rotary, PEO, churches, and other community-based groups offer scholarship programs. Applicants are encouraged to contact groups with whom they have a personal or professional affiliation to find out about scholarship programs for which they may qualify.

9. Scholarships Health Works Institute does not offer any scholarships. Massage magazine, the Massage Therapy Foundation, and the American Association of Cosmetology Schools administer scholarship programs that offer funding to students currently enrolled in massage therapy or esthetics programs. Health Works Institute provides help and documentation for students when they apply for such scholarships.

Massage Therapy Program Cost

Tuition $9,000
   Application $25
   Academic Assessment $75
   Orientation $75
   Student Liability Insurance $25
   Feedback Coaching $200
   Massage Labs $80
   Graduation $60
   Total Fees: $540
Additional Program Costs:  
   Printed materials $75
   Classroom Supplies $270
   Student Clinic supplies $125
   Professional Massage Sessions – approx. $400
   Massage Table — approximately $300 – $600
   Books (if purchased brand new) $800
   Uniform (Scrubs) $30-$75
   Total Additional Program Costs $2000 -$2345
Total Program Costs (Tuition, Fees, Additional Costs, Books) $11,540 – $11,885
Other Costs to Include in Your Budget as Necessary or Preferred:  
   CPR and First Aid Certification $85
   Study Aids $75
   AMTA Student Membership $45
Costs Upon Graduation:  
   License Application Fee $140
   Written Exam Fee $195
   Professional liability insurance $235


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